A Taste Of Irish Culture in Charlotte

The Irish culture is rich in tradition, full of unique flavors and of course, it has a compelling history. The pub is a big piece of Irish culture that was brought to America and is rather different in many ways from the bars in America. Finding a place that embraces Ireland and its history in America can be hard to find. If you are visiting or even a local and looking for restaurants in Charlotte, NC for an authentic experience in Irish culture, there is Murphy’s Kitchen & Tap. This is a place that both embraces and is proud of its Irish heritage and its influence in American history. It blends the traditional pub with its American counterpart for a positively genuine experience.

The Flavors

Great food & drink is the centerpiece of the pub experience, and this restaurant is no exception. Offering a menu with Irish-inspired dishes with American influences such as pies and tarts, soups, salads, Irish stews, meat and potatoes like smoked salmon and lamb loin, everyone can find something delicious to eat. The quintessential fish and chips and even Shepard’s pie are on the menu, too, so you will always find a delicious Irish meal. Each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients and served by a friendly staff, and there are a variety of traditional Irish beverages and beers, American beers, locally crafted beers and cocktails that are available as well.

The Experience

Irish restaurants can be found everywhere, but many don’t capture the atmosphere of a true Irish pub and restaurant. With its quaint, quiet and relaxing ambiance that makes the pub experience ever more inviting, this is the place to be. It doesn’t matter if you are just passing through, meeting with friends or family, or just looking for a place to relax after a day at the office, if you are looking for restaurants in Charlotte, NC that offers a great experience with Irish culture, authentic Irish flavors, with a strong appreciation of history, Murphy’s is a place to visit.

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