Why You Should Start Introducing More Fish into Your Diet

Start adding more fish and seafood into your diet. Read on to know the many benefits you can expect when you increase your intake of fish and seafood.

You get vitamins and nutrients

It’s a healthy source of protein, and you get important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, which help your body function properly. You can also get iodine, which contributes to your thyroid health.

You reduce the risks of heart disease

Two servings of fatty fish per week help improve heart rate. This type of fish also decreases the plaque in your arteries. That means less inflammation in the area, which reduces risks of a stroke or heart attack, the Huffington Post says.

You get improved blood circulation

The omega-3 in your fatty fish helps the flexibility of your red blood cells. That way, they don’t get stuck in places. Neither will they attach to each other or overlap. Greater flexibility means they can flow freely through your bloodstream, resulting in improved blood circulation and further lessening the risks of a heart attack or stroke.

You get better vision

Omega-3 in fish can also improve your eyesight and vision. If you’ve got poor eyesight, try adding more fish to your diet.

How to introduce fish into your meals

Going to the market for fresh fish and seafood in Cypress CA is one way to start. Learn how to cook and prepare fish, so you know what ingredients are going into your meals. That can help lower your sodium and cholesterol levels immensely.

Check out seafood restaurants

You’ll want to take a break from all the cooking, though. When that happens, check out great places for seafood in Cypress CA. Enjoy the convenience of eating tasty, juicy and succulent fish and other seafood at your favorite restaurant. Dine in with friends or family to double the fun.

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