Why Serviced Apartments Are Better Than Hotels

When it comes to international travel, longer stays are always tempting. Unfortunately, they can also be expensive. This is why short stay serviced apartments are so popular. If you haven’t heard of them before, these are apartment style hotels that cater to longer stays. You can book them for single nights, but they tend to shine when you keep them for longer periods. While they aren’t always the perfect option, these apartments can offer you much more to your stay than you might guess.

What Is a Serviced Apartment?

Short stay serviced apartments are an alternative to traditional hotels and suites. They are fully furnished, offer daily turn down service and room service options and are usually located on the same grounds as a hotel or their own grounds that will sharply resemble that of a hotel. You can still expect to find in-house dining options and resort features like a pool or spa. Some of the more specific advantages to the serviced apartment style is having a furnished kitchen and multiple-room living quarters without paying the sometimes exorbitant fees associated with large suites. Beyond that, they are also usually located outside of the city center, offering more peace and quiet. Still, they stay close enough to all of the relevant hot spots that you won’t be struggling to get around.

For the most part, short stay serviced apartments have taken off in Europe. As longer stays have become much more popular for trips to Europe, the competitive pricing and convenience of these apartments have led to an explosion in bookings. That said, you can find quality short-term apartments all over the world.

How to Find Apartments

Searching for a serviced apartment is much the same as searching for a hotel. Listings are available online, and you can book your stay while you’re at it. Simply Google “serviced apartment” and the city where you will be staying and options will shoot up quickly. Many hotel chains offer apartments in addition to their traditional rooms, so if you have a rewards membership or favorite chain, be sure to investigate the availability of apartments. There are also many businesses that specialize in these types of apartments, so shopping around should be easy.

If you expect your trip to last long enough to take advantage of these offers, be sure you don’t overlook the potential of short stay serviced apartments.

Short stay serviced apartments can offer you more freedom in your stay than traditional hotels. Look into short stay serviced apartments for your next trip to make your travels as comfortable and convenient as possible. Click here to know more!

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