Maximize Your Travel Experience with Some of the Best Malawi Hotels

Malawi is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Africa. The vastness of the Malawi Lake and abundance of wildlife will leave you mesmerized, but you can’t see it all in one day. Obviously, you need a place to stay, and there is no shortage of lodges, cottages, and hotels for you to sleep in between your bouts of exploration and relaxation.

From Comfort Inns to Family Lodges, finding a place to stay in Malawi is simple and often times inexpensive. You can visit Biz Malawi for a list of nearly 100 Malawi hotels. Here are some of the most popular destinations

Country Lodge

A popular inland destination with beautiful scenery and impressive dining experiences, a country lodge is one of the best Malawi hotels for traveling families.

Hotel Victoria

Located in Malawi’s commercial capital, Hotel Victoria is perfect for business travelers, and it is located near many of the country’s most impressive views and wildlife preserves.

Malawi Sun Hotel

This hotel is one of the most popular among Malawi hotels, and all of the amenities and dining opportunities provide guests with a pleasant, comfortable stay.

Kaya Mawa

Kaya Mawa is a beautiful, isolated destination in the Nkwazi Village. On an island surrounded by hundreds of trees and other kinds of African vegetation, guests have no problem immersing themselves in nature.

Mkulumadzi Lodge
Part of the Majete Wildlife Reserve, the Mkulumadzi Lodge puts you smack dab in the middle of some of Africa’s most popular wildlife.

Mvuu Camp

This camp is another intimate destination where guests can immerse themselves in the Malawi nature and wildlife.

Malawi has something for everybody. Finding a great place to stay means ensuring that your vacation or travel experience is relaxing and allows you to experience everything Malawi has to offer.

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