When To Choose Custom Machinery: A Simple Guide For Minneapolis Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies in Minneapolis and surrounding areas have two choices when choosing new equipment for an existing manufacturing line or adding to their system. This same set of choices is also available for startup companies in designing their system and automation levels within the facility.

These choices are using existing equipment that is available on the market or working with a specialized company that designs and produces custom machinery that is developed specifically for a given manufacturer.

Both choices can provide the manufacturer with the machines and systems needed for production. However, there are many times when custom machinery is the better option for a variety of reasons.

Necessary Equipment Unavailable

For startup companies or for innovative companies with new products and processes in place, custom equipment may be the only answer when existing options in machines simply aren’t designed to address the production requirements.

There is a risk of production capacity and durability of equipment that is not ideal for the job. Trying to modify existing equipment to meet special production needs may be very costly and result in less than ideal performance.

Commercially Available Equipment Is Cost Prohibitive

Another reason to choose custom machinery is the cost of new machines. Often, the cost of working with a local company in the Minneapolis area that has the experience and expertise in custom equipment development from concept to production is a more cost-effective option to consider. Remember, the equipment will do just what you need, which means you can streamline the design without adding extra features that are unnecessary given the production requirements.

System Integration Issues Exist

For existing production systems, working with a company that can customize the machine as well as the automation controls to integrate with your current system will be essential to consider. The integration of old and new equipment can be complex and challenging, but in working with an experienced company, these issues don’t cause delays in getting the system up and running.

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