Do You Need Dedicated Server Web Hosting?

In general, the choice of the type of hosting service required by any business is not just based on the business size. Some options, including the use of a shared server, may be acceptable for very small companies, but most businesses will rapidly outgrow these options.

The next step up is to use a Virtual Private Server, which offers a great range of control and management of the server resources individually by the companies hosted on the server. The next choice of upgrading to a dedicated server web hosting plan is ideal when the company needs full control of the server, has increased usage requirements and needs to use specific options in security.

Determining if you need a dedicated server web hosting is really about answering the following questions about your current hosting plan and what you need in the short and long term.

What Are Your Bandwidth Traffic Requirements?

If you are noticing bottlenecks and slow data transmission during peak use times, the move up to the dedicated server from the VPS hosting service will be important. Top companies can offer up to 20 TB bandwidth and unlimited outbound traffic, which is more than enough for even the largest companies with a significant online presence.

How Problematic is Downtime?

When you need to virtually 100% uptime for your business, dedicated server web hosting is a must. There are companies out there offering 99.999 uptime on their packages and plans. With built-in monitoring and proactive maintenance on these systems, they can offer this gold standard in uptime combined with a 10X service level agreement to back it up.

Do You Require Root Access?

Businesses often require root access to the server for a wide range of applications, including the implementation of specific security features and programs. Even with a managed dedicated plan, the user will still have this level of access, along with 24/7 tech support in the event of any problems.

The more that companies look into the value of choosing a dedicated server hosting service, the more benefits they will find. While it isn’t right for every business, it is critical for many.

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