Reasons to Have Regular Maintenance Work Done on a Heating & Cooling System Fort Collins, CO

It is important for homeowners to make sure their Heating & Cooling System Fort Collins CO, is always in good working order so their home can stay a comfortable temperature year round. To accomplish this, it is important to have the unit serviced on a regular basis. Generally, it is best to have a technician check the unit just prior to the start of winter and again before the summer season starts. By having the unit serviced at these times, it will be less likely the system will break down when it is needed the most.

One of the primary things a technician will need to do on a heating & cooling system in Fort Collins CO, is to make sure the unit is cleaned properly. Many of the issues that lead to a system breaking down can be due to a collection of dirt in and around the unit.

The air filter on the blower section of the unit will need to be checked and changed if it is dirty. The blower should also be cleaned inside and out to remove any dirt that may be collecting in the unit, the vents, or grilles of the system. Keeping this unit clean enables air to flow properly and can help in the unit from becoming overheated. In addition, a clean unit will not require additional power to operate. This can help in keeping utility costs from rising due to a system that is not functioning properly.

Once the blower is clean, the condenser and compressor unit should also be inspected. This unit is generally outside of the home. The coils and fins on the unit should be cleaned to ensure air circulates properly through this component as well.

The burner on the heating system will need to be examined. If the burner flames are flickering or yellow, the burner is most likely dirty and will need to be disassembled and cleaned. Doing this will help to ensure the heat is distributed evenly.

Keeping a home’s heating and cooling system in good condition is important in maintaining a comfortable environment within a house. Having a professional check the unit regularly will help in making sure the unit will be able to do this when the temperature outside is uncomfortable. For more information, please visit

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