Why It’s Important to Hire a DWI Lawyer in Cambridge, MD

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Lawyers

It can be very embarrassing to be arrested for driving drunk, especially when considering the fact that many arrests lead to charges. While a person is ready to resolve the case and move on with life after an arrest, they should know that:

* A guilty plea is typically not in the client’s interest.

* There may be different defense options depending on the case’s details.

Retaining a DWI lawyer in Cambridge, MD is crucial to the outcome of a case, as well as the person’s future. Below, potential clients can learn why having an attorney on their side during a DWI case is important.

Two Types of Defense

While many people facing a first DWI believe that they are only facing one type of case, the opposite is true. After a DWI arrest, there will be a criminal case and an administrative case. These cases proceed independently of one another, and a local DWI lawyer can help a client be aware of the requirements of both of these cases.

Determining Whether the Client’s Rights Were Violated

During a DWI stop and subsequent arrest, law enforcement officers are required to follow certain laws that honor a client’s rights. Furthermore, traffic cops must follow certain procedures when administering breath tests and placing a person under arrest. When an officer does not abide by the law it can be possible to:

* Get evidence dismissed

* Get charges reduced or dropped

An experienced DWI lawyer can review the police report and other information to determine whether the client’s rights may have been violated during the stop, which can help build a stronger defense.

Hire a Local Lawyer for the Strongest Defense

When someone is charged with a DWI, especially if it is the first time, they may not know what to do. However, a DWI lawyer in Cambridge, MD can provide special advice and courtroom advocacy should the need arise. These lawyers aggressively defend clients’ rights and work diligently to help them resolve cases as favorably and efficiently as possible. Call or visit Ocean City Lawyer online to schedule a preliminary consultation with a DWI attorney.

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