When You Have Honeybees On The Property

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Pest Control

Honey bee populations are dwindling, and because of this, the idea of killing a hive when they are found on someone’s property is no longer the norm. In fact, honeybees are so rare now a days that an exterminator who is a bee specialist is going to take the time to carefully remove the bees, making sure that the hive is intact while moving them to a honey farm where they can thrive. With this in mind, when you call out Exterminators For Bee Removal in Connecticut, you to want to make sure that the honey bees are going to be treated right. Here are four things to look for when you are looking for honey bee professionals to handle the extraction:

1. They Need To Have Plenty Of Experience With Bees

The average exterminator may not have the knowledge needed to properly take care of bees. With most pests, you spray chemicals and set traps to take care of them; bees, on the other hand, have to be physically taken out of an area, as well as their hive. With this in mind, the exterminator needs to have plenty of experience taking on bee projects.

2. They Need To Be Able To Come Out Quickly

Just because you don’t want any harm to come of the bees doesn’t mean that you want them to hang around your property any longer than they have to. In fact, you want them out the same day, meaning that you need whatever exterminator you go with to come out as quickly as possible.

3. They Need To Take The Whole Hive With Them

Taking care of an infestation of honeybees is not just about taking care of the bees themselves but also the hive that they built. If the hive is not taken along with the bees, another colony will move in in no time.

4. They Need To Know What To Do With The Bees Afterwards

Because the bees are going to be collected alive, the Exterminators For Bee Removal in Connecticut need to know where to bring them. Make sure that the professionals have a location to take the bees after they pick them up from your property. Visit website to hire exterminators.

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