Frequently Asked Questions About Skunk Removal And Animal Control In Columbus OH

If you have skunks in your yard, you’re probably in a hurry to get rid of them. Although skunks are rarely a danger to humans, their smell is a nuisance in itself. Learn more about skunks on your property by reading the frequently asked questions below. To have the skunks removed from your yard or property, contact a company that provides humane Animal control in Columbus OH.

Q.) Are skunks in the yard dangerous and do they bite?

A.) A skunk won’t normally bite a person unless it’s provoked or feels threatened. If your nosy cat or dog frightens a skunk, there’s a chance that the skunk may bite your pet. If you see a skunk on your property or in your yard, walk in the other direction and keep your pets away from the animal.

Q.) Is there a way to prevent skunks from coming into the yard?

A.) Skunks go where they can find food and adequate shelter. If you have garbage or pet food outside, this is an open invitation for all types of wild critters, including skunks. Be sure to keep trash and pet food in tightly sealed containers when it’s outside. To prevent skunks from living underneath your house or porch, board up any holes that the skunks can crawl through. Just make sure there are no skunks underneath your house when you close up the holes. If you have a skunk underneath your house, contact a company that specializes in animal control services in Columbus to humanely trap the animal for you.

Q.) Is it possible for a skunk to get inside of the house?

A.) Skunks won’t normally try to get inside of your house, but they’ll dig holes to get underneath your patio or into your crawl space. If a skunk does make it into your home, contact a company that specializes in Animal control in Columbus OH immediately.

The Wildlife Control Company consists of experienced professionals who will humanely remove nuisance animals from your property. For more information about squirrel, raccoon or Skunk removal and to contact the company, visit their website at

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