When Should You First Talk To A Disability Attorney?

When you are faced with a legal issue, be it buying a new house or suing someone for negligence, before you talk to attorneys you need to understand the reasoning behind hiring them, the cost of hiring them and the benefits of being represented. When it is a disability attorney in Michigan that is being considered the cost is one thing that can quickly be determined in advance as it is set by law. The attorney’s fee will be either twenty five percent of the back pay you get or $6,000, whichever is the least. Fees are usually not a consideration as the disability attorney is compensated directly from the Social Security administration from your benefits package.

It is worth looking closely at the benefits one gets from hiring a disability attorney, it is also worth looking into the timing; what is the right time to talk to a disability attorney in Michigan?

Why hire disability attorneys?

It is no surprise to anyone that a good 75 percent of initial applications for disability benefits are denied; there can be no clearer answer as to why an applicant needs to hire a disability attorney. With an attorney seasoned in Social Security law and culture there is a better chance that your application will meet with approval. Even with an attorney there is no guarantee that you will be approved for benefits but your chances are certainly improved.

Putting forward a case to Social Security for disability benefits is not easy, it is complex and a disability attorney in Michigan knows this. The attorney knows how to submit the application so that they can expect a favorable ruling. Many applicants make the initial application unaided; this is often a mistake as the first application is critical for success.

It is in this application that you must provide comprehensive support for and full details of your disability; you need to give the starting date of the disability and most importantly, you must prove that it satisfies the criteria laid down in what the administration call the “blue book.” If the application reaches the level of an administrative review the attorney involved with the case will provide all the medical information that is pertinent and show support from the doctor by offering the doctors opinion on the severity of the disability and the length of time it is expected to continue.

When to call a disability lawyer:

The best time to call a disability attorney in Michigan is at the outset of the application. You can expect that the attorney will ask offer a free consultation where your case can be properly evaluated. If the attorney is of the same opinion that you are; that you have a strong case, the assistance can begin with the initial application.

If you are going to apply for Social Security disability there is no time like the present to hire a disability attorney in Michigan to help prepare a winning case.

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