The Importance Of Slatwall Panels In Retail Display

For general contractors working in retail construction and renovation, the demand for Slatwall panels as full or partial walls in stores of all types is a growing trend. The benefits of aluminum slatwall make it a versatile option for the retailer and a simple installation for the contractor.

One of the many benefits of Slatwall panels over other types of wall surfaces is the versatility offered and provided. With the continuous edges provided by the structure of the Slatwall itself, designs and displays have never been easier to configure and change.

In addition, and since the Slatwall panels are made of aluminum, they have a terrific strength-to-weight ratio. Even heavy displays with multiple items, racks or shelves are stable, secure and safe with these types of systems.

Addition of Space
In malls and retail stores, square footage is at a premium price. By utilizing Slatwall panels, some or all of the wall space can be converted to display and storage space with a very low investment.
The system can be installed directly over the existing wall, eliminating the need to demolish, remove and rebuild. Not only does this save money but it also saves time, which means very limited downtime for the retail outlet during the installation process.

Using Slatwall panels, and the right types of accessories also provide a higher level of visibility and ease of finding items over traditional bins or shelves. This is ideal for packaged items which can be placed on hooks or on facets, the straight or downward slanted fixtures, which allow easy access to inventory while still keeping everything neat and organized.

Adding Style
Most manufacturers will offer Slatwall panels in a standard mill finish. This is the natural look of aluminum when it comes directly from the rolling mill or when extruded. It has a slightly rough or brushed look to the surface, and it is not shiny or highly polished. As such it is very resistant to fingerprints and scratches are not easily visible on the surface.

For retail outlets, there are other finishes for Slatwall panels which can add to the décor and theme of the store. Brite Dipped is very popular and provides a shiny surface which is reflective if left natural or it can be used to make colors glossy and bright.

Anodized Slatwall panels are also popular and can be dyed different colors or can be made to look like copper or brass. This is a popular option for Slatwall displays as the surface becomes much more resistant to any scratches or scuffs, adding to the durability of the wall.

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