How to Choose a Quality Umbrella

All umbrellas serve the same function: to keep you dry from the rain and shielded from the sun. However, not all umbrellas are created equal. Cheaply made models can be purchased at your five and dimes store while those on the higher end can easily run in the three digit range. While you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for quality umbrellas, you should expect to pay at least in the double digit range if looking for one that will withstand multiple uses.

First, consider the weight and size of the umbrella. Obviously, bigger umbrellas will provide greater protection, but they can also be inconvenient to carry around. A portable model that fits snuggly in your purse is always a good option. However, if you live in an area known for frequent and heavy rains, then an umbrella on the larger end may be the better choice. Also, keep in mind that rain often pours at an angle and not straight down. A Jumbo sized umbrella will provide greater protection from horizontal rain.

Quality umbrellas should also be water and wind-proof. The metal parts on some of the cheaper models may rust when exposed to water. Those that are poorly made may also turn inside out when exposed to heavy winds. It’s recommended that you buy a model where the hood is treated with Teflon. This is a type of coating made from Polytetrafluoroethylene that’s placed on nylon surface to wick away droplets of water.

Don’t forget that the handle matters a great deal too. The handle should be sturdy and allow you to firmly maintain your grip so that the umbrella doesn’t blow away from your hands when the wind picks up. Those with rubber padding and/or a semi-circular curvature at the end typically provide the best grip.

While it has nothing to do with quality and is more of secondary importance, the color and design may also be relevant. If multiple family members use the umbrella, then aim for a uniform color. A male relative, after all, may not appreciate toting an umbrella with floral or heart-shaped designs.

By only picking out quality umbrellas, you won’t find yourself replacing them after every rainy season. Even if you have to pay a little more, it’s worth the extra cost for an umbrella that will keep you dry and cool for many years to come.

Quality umbrellas are constructed to withstand the formidable weather. Only choose quality umbrellas that are designed with durable fabric and metal parts. Otherwise, it may give out when you need it most.

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