What You Need to Know About Best Real Estate Attorney in San Diego

Most people think that buying, managing and selling real estate property is as simple as having a willing buyer and a willing seller. Well, while it is true that the transaction will not take off without a buyer and a seller, you will need a lawyer to make sure that every aspect of the transactions is done according to the law and that you do not get conned in the process. Below are some of the services that are offered by a real estate attorney in San Diego.

Document drafting

A real estate lawyer’s main responsibility in the process of buying and selling property is drafting legal documents. These include:

1. Deeds
2. Leases
3. Rental agreements
4. Purchase contracts
5. Financing agreements

Having a good lawyer will help you get documents that provide you with all the legal cover that you need to stay out of trouble. For instance, they will draft rental agreements that will be favorable to you as a landlord. While real estate agents are authorized to help you fill out these documents, only a real estate attorney can draft, edit and revise the documents.

They will help with negotiations

Real estate attorneys are people with lots of experience in real estate proceeding. Many people think that the realtor is the right person to lead the negotiations; however, a lawyer’s expertise is also needed to negotiate about the terms and conditions. The lawyer will help you to stay away from deals that could end up hurting you.


When investing, not many people foresee legal trouble in real estate transactions. When a problem happens, you will need a lawyer to offer litigation services. They will draft appeals to present to the judge and fight for your best interests.


Foreclosure is every property owner’s worst nightmare. Lawyers will represent you and help avert a foreclosure by making it hard for the lenders to successfully kick you out. They will also negotiate on your behalf so that if you are having a hard time, you can get a free extension on mortgage payments.

All these are services that that the best real estate attorney in San Diego will provide. Click here to get more information about the services offered by The Law Firm of Kaloogian & Fuselier.




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