What to Expect with Eyelash Extensions

For those who are concerned about the length of their eyelashes, they have the option to pursue eyelash extensions Grand Rapids. It is a known fact that long and beautiful eyelashes do not just happen overnight unless of course, someone was fortunate enough to be born with them. Eyelash extensions Grand Rapids utilize Latisse, which has proven that with sixteen weeks of consistent use, the topical solution will afford people beautiful, full and lengthier eyelashes.

Positive Thinking

When it comes to using Latisse, it is imperative that the use be continual in order to reap the benefits. If use is stopped at any particular time, lashes can and will eventually go back to their regular length within a few weeks to a couple months depending on the individual. Thinking positive and being patient will help those through the process. Over time of consistent use – people will start to notice their lashes growing thicker and fuller and generally if people are pleased with the eyelash extensions Grand Rapids after eight weeks’ time, it is suggested for them to continue the treatment.

Possible Side Effects

There are some side effects to eyelash extensions Grand Rapids that people should consider before considering treatment. The most common side effect is irritated eyes that may be itchy and possibly some eye redness. Another side effect to consider before undergoing eyelash extensions Grand Rapids is that in some individuals, skin darkening around where the topical solution is applied may become darker in color (which may be reversible) which is cause from the increase of melanin within the area.

Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

Some places may use Latisse while offering different options. Eyelash extensions Grand Rapids offers actual extensions upon lashes utilizing materials that may consist of synthetic hair, mink and/or silk. These eyelash extensions Grand Rapids can be applied either one at a time, in clusters or even possibly full strips. These different procedures do vary in price so it is always suggested to call around to different facilities to see who can accommodate whatever the set budget may be.

Many people seek eyelash extensions Grand Rapids for various reasons. It gives people the option to have long lashes, which may be something they always desired or perhaps lost their own from use of medications. There is no need to worry anymore though because eyelash extensions Grand Rapids is a viable option for anyone seeking those long voluptuous lashes.

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