Things You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The wisdom teeth are third molars; they are located in the back of the jaw. Many people do not get them but if they do appear they will usually do so between a person’s late teens and mid twenties. There is no real good reason for them being called “wisdom” teeth other than the assumption that people have some wisdom by the time they appear. As an evolutionally part of the human anatomy at one time they served a purpose, today they often become impacted and dental extractions in Chicago are necessary to avoid problems.

Due to the fact that wisdom teeth erupt in the back recesses of the jaw the potential for them impacting other teeth is high. When there is insufficient room in the jaw for the wisdom tooth it will push other teeth causing the wisdom tooth to come in sideways or at another awkward angle. If a person with this condition opts not to have dental extractions in Chicago the other teeth will be dislocated and pushed into odd angles, the results of this can be dangerous and is certainly unsightly.

Although there are four different types of impaction, two of them occur more than the others. Half the cases where dental extractions in Chicago are called for is when the tooth is at an angle pointing to the front of the mouth. Another third of the cases occur when the wisdom tooth actually does not cut through the gum, this is potentially quite dangerous. The other two cases which make up the balance are when the tooth angles in the direction of the rear of the mouth or where the tooth angles in the direction of the second molar root.

Vertical impaction, this is where the tooth does not breach the gum or only breaches part way is particularity dangerous. As the tooth only partially breaches there is a remaining skin flap, this flap is an ideal location for the harboring of debris and bacteria. If this area is not keep extremely clean a condition called pericoronitis can develop, the result is a painful situation which makes the extraction of the offending wisdom tooth even more painful.

It is highly recommended that when it feels that the wisdom teeth are about to breach a visit to the dentist should be arranged. It is not a good idea to wait as there are too many potentially problematic factors that only a dentist can take into account.

A patient with problematic wisdom teeth will usually require dental extractions in Chicago. If this is a current problem you are invited to contact Dr. Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design.

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