How to choose a Social Security disability firm in NJ?

When it comes to applying for SSI (Supplemental Security Income), it can often be a difficult and trying process. Innocent, common mistakes can lead to a status denying you of benefits. Not to mention, applying for disability while experiencing the health issues you are claiming to hold you back from functioning normally, on application, is already a stress in itself. For these reasons, why not seek the help of someone much more experienced than yourself to help you gain access to the benefits you deserve?  For New Jersey residents, hiring an Atlantic City Social Security Disability firm may be your best bet. With so many to choose from, here are some tips on how to determine which disability firm is the best for you.

1. Experience
When choosing a Social Security Disability firm, it is important to select one that has a good track record and the experience to support your health issue claims in obtaining SSI status. After all, you’re seeking out their legal assistance for their capabilities of gaining benefits for their clients, correct? No reason to waste your time with a firm with a low success rate of obtaining any amount of benefits for the disabled. While doing your research, ask yourself such questions as, “How many years does this firm have in winning cases?”, “How many cases have they won?”, and “What is their overall approval rating?”

2. Knowledgeable of your condition
No matter how many years a firm may have been in business, no matter how many cases they may have won, if they are not knowledgeable of your specific health issues, all of their impressive stats will fall to the waist side when it comes to your case. This especially holds true when it comes to medical conditions that call for more attention to details in order to win over benefits. When approaching firms, ask about their experiences dealing with your particular condition and their overall success rate of gaining benefits.

3. Credentials
Beyond knowledge and experience, to maximize your chances of winning SSI benefits, it is important to work with a Social Security Disability firm that has licensed attorneys practicing there. While it is not legally necessary for an attorney to be licensed to generally represent clients, there are several pros to working with one who is. For one, licensed attorneys receive special training that unlicensed professionals are not privy to. In addition, if your case is appealed to the level of federal court, it is necessary for an attorney to be licensed in order to represent you. Not to mention, an attorney being licensed in the state they practice in is important because they will know how that particular state goes about SSI disability benefits and will be acquainted with the proper court staff that will play a part in you obtaining benefits.

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