What is biomedical waste?

If your facility is defined as any of the following, chances are you are generating biomedical waste:

*Vet clinic
*Tattoo parlor
*Medical clinic
*Senior’s home
*Physician’s office

But what, exactly is biomedical waste? Bio Waste disposal in West Palm Beach area facilities can help you dispose of this waste, but you must first understand what it is so that you can operate in an environmentally responsible manner, while adhering to the strict government rules surrounding the waste methods.

Defining It
Biomedical waste is defined as waste that is potentially infectious. It can also include such things as unused bandages, infusion kits, packaging, etc., as well as research laboratory waste that is restricted from environmental release. Sharps are also considered biomedical waste.

The waste may be in liquid or solid form. Examples of this type of waste include:

*Sharps, including needles, scalpels, and other instruments/devices that are capable of penetrating skin.
*Identifiable body parts
*Human or animal tissue
*Dressings and bandages
*Discarded gloves and other medical supplies

Disposal of Biomedical Waste

Bio waste must be disposed of differently from normal trash. The disposal methods vary, depending on the type of medical waste, and can be done onsite or offsite. The law regarding disposal varies from country to country. It is important to contact the proper authorities to obtain a guide into how certain waste must be disposed of.  Typically, disposal methods consist of the following:

*Incineration: This is done by a qualified bio-waste company and is done in a controlled facility to reduce the risk of ill effects to the environment. Once the waste has been decontaminated using incineration, it is moved to a specialized landfill.

*Autoclave: This is similar to a pressure cooker that uses heat and steam to deactivate microorganisms. It is typically done onsite at the facility.

Bio waste disposal in West Palm Beach can help you dispose of your waste in an ethical, safe and responsible manner.

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