Questions and Answers About Machine Alignment in San Antonio

The proper alignment of a machine is crucial to not only the current function of the equipment but also the longevity of the machine. It is understood there may be many questions that are asked about machine alignment in San Antonio. Here are the answers to some of the most common ones.

Q. How accurately does the alignment need to be?

A. This depends entirely on the type of machine being aligned. A general rule of thumb is that the parallel offset should be within ┬▒0.05mm and within the boundaries of 0.05 mm over the diameter of the coupling. It should be remembered that the accuracy should not be mixed up with the target alignment.

Q. What is the maximum distance that rotating equipment can be aligned from?

A. For a standard precision of 0.05 mm, it can be aligned from as far away as 15 meters.

Q. Will the system be able to measure soft foot?

A. Yes. The system is equipped with special software that is capable of measuring soft foot.

Q. Should Cardan shafts be aligned?

A. Absolutely! Cardan shafts need to be aligned with an angle equaling zero. Any angle with a measurement greater than this will result in movements that are non-linear. The non-linear movements will cause vibrations and harsh forces that affect the seal, the couplings, and the bearings.

Q. If the shafts can only be rotated at an angle that is less than 180 degrees, can the laser still measure the alignment?

A. While 180 degrees is the most optimal angle to be measured, sometimes this is just not possible due to physical limitations. Modern Machine Alignment in San Antonio that is performed by lasers can measure an angle as low as 60 degrees.

Q. What are the particular types of measurements that can be performed?

A. The traditional measurements include line bore, perpendicularity, straightness, and flatness.

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