Occupational Factors That Can Affect an Automotive Insurance Quote in Santa Cruz

People who have owned a vehicle for a while typically understand some of the factors that lead to higher car insurance rates. When they decide to see whether they could get a better deal with a different company, they know their driving record, age, and place of residence can affect an Insurance Quote in Santa Cruz. However, they may not realize a person’s occupation can mean a higher premium with some companies.

This may seem nonsensical. If someone works long shifts or has a potentially dangerous job, what does that have to do with car insurance? Some insurers view various occupational factors as likely to affect the person’s driving behavior. An insurer may consider whether an occupation tends to require long shifts, meaning the individual might be very fatigued or sleepy after work while driving home. Boiler operators and power engineers, for instance, commonly work 12-hour shifts four days in a row. Medical residents are often forced to work 16 to 24 hours straight. A heavy equipment crane operator is seen as having a very stressful position, and the same is true for a firefighter and a paramedic. The premium is higher than that of a person with a similar driving record and other personal characteristics but who has a desk job. An Insurance Quote in Santa Cruz from some companies may be higher if underwriters view that occupation as abnormally stressful and tiring.

Shopping around for insurance with an independent agency like Coast Auto Insurance Services is a smart idea. The agency provides multiple quotes from different companies. This allows the individual to get a better sense of which insurance companies charge more because of the policyholder’s occupation. Yet, even an insurer that charges higher rates for certain occupations may offer more substantial discounts for other factors than different companies do. For instance, one company might charge less than another when the policyholder has an excellent driving record and may also offer further annual discounts if that record continues. This can bring the premium down to a more affordable level. Please visit the website Coastautoinsurance.com to learn more about this agency.

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