Ready and Inexpensive Help with Your State Tax Payment Plan

It is a natural tendency with law-abiding people from any country to minimize the tax they pay to their respective income tax governmental authority. If you live in the state of New York then you know that you need to have a state tax payment plan to be up to date with your tax payments, before the deadline of April 15, the following year.

Taxes in New York State

The state income tax rates range between 4% and 8.82% and you pay an additional income tax of 2.907% to 3.876% if you also live in New York City.

Filing state and federal income taxes is a chore that everyone dreads as it often takes hours of preparation and good record keeping throughout the year to make it manageable.

Inability to Pay the Full Amount

It happens to many that when taxes are due, they just don’t have the money to pay what they owe and this is when a state tax payment plan can come into play. This is an arrangement with the tax authority that allows you to make payments throughout the next year to pay off your tax debt.

Help is Available for Making Payments

If you are looking for help with a New York state tax payment plan, then checking out Uncle Phil’s Tax Advice would be an excellent idea. You will easily get practical and inexpensive tax planning advice from them. Their tax attorneys are professionally trained and experienced to negotiate with both the IRS and NY state on your behalf to provide you a tax payment plan that is affordable to you. They use tax preparation systems to minimize your tax liability. Uncle Phil’s is affordable and ready to help you negotiate the red tape of setting up a payment plan that you can live with. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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