Decisions To Make Before The Arrival Of Portable Toilet Rentals For Events In Wharton

Event planners and individuals in charge of making arrangements for any type of small to large event in the Wharton area have to make a lot of decisions prior to the event itself. This includes everything from the food vendors, the choice of activities and entertainment and even the need for portable toilet rentals and where the units will be located.

Number of Toilets to Order

The number of portable toilet rentals to order for any event varies based on several factors. The length of time of the event, the number of guests and the type of event itself all will be factors to consider.

For example, a multiple day fair, craft show or community event may have different hours on various days. For rental purposes, consider the longest day and ignore the shorter days for determining the rental numbers. If there is food and beverage service at the location, there may be additional restroom areas set up based on the location of the food services.

Concerts, weddings, company events or any other type of event in Wharton where alcohol is served also boosts the number of porta potties to have on hand. Rental companies recommend adding an additional 20% of the total number of units rented when alcohol is served.

Handicap Accessible

To be in compliance with the requirements for providing handicap accessible restroom facilities, at least one should be provided, even for very small events. For larger events, one handicap accessible facility should be provided for every 20 units rented.


Before the portable toilet rentals arrive, consider the best location. They should be reasonably close to food and beverage service but also out of the direct flow of foot traffic in the area. For the handicap accessible facilities, plan to have the units located where individuals with assisted mobility devices and equipment will have no difficulty with access.

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