What is a solicitor?

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Within the legal profession there are a number of different titles. There are lawyers, solicitors in Aberdeen and barristers as well as magistrates and judges. They all deal with the law in one way or another, but just how are they different from one another? The primary differences can be found in the area of law they work in and the scope of the work they perform.

A lawyer is an individual who is both a solicitor and a barrister. Whereas a solicitor deals with clients a barrister usually does not deal direct with them. The barristers position is to provide legal advice, he gets involved in specifics when a solicitor requests the barrister to speak on behalf of his client.

Whereas a barrister has little direct dealing with clients, the opposite is true for solicitors. The solicitor gives legal advice directly to his or her clients. A solicitor is also tasked with the preparation of legal documents. They deal with matters outside the courtroom setting. There are certain circumstances where a solicitor is allowed to appear in the lower courts.

A solicitor must graduate from a law school with a law degree, once graduated a further two years as an apprentice is required to complete the Legal Practice Course.

When would solicitors in Aberdeen be required?

Many legal matters require the services of a solicitor in Aberdeen. When an individual is planning his estate, the solicitor is the person who will draw up the individual’s last will and testament. In many cases, companies engage the services of a solicitor when it is necessary to draft contracts and to provide legal advice on dealing with their employees.

The solicitor spends a great deal of his time attending to family matters such as disputes over ownership of property. The solicitor is involved in cases of adoption, pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, child care and support.

When a family decides to migrate to another place, many solicitors are well versed on the laws that cover the migration. Usually there is a house for sale when this happens and the solicitor attends to all the necessary legal documentation that is needed to convey the property from the current owner to the purchaser.

The fees charged by solicitors are based on either hourly rates or identifying a fixed fee for the service provided. Get in touch with Peterkins Solicitors for more details!


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