What Homeowners Should Do When A Broken Water Pipe Requires Emergency Plumbing In Brockton MA

When a water pipe breaks inside the house, this type of plumbing emergency requires a quick response to control the damage to a home. Below you’ll learn what homeowners should do when a broken water line requires the services of a company that provides Emergency Plumbing in Brockton MA.

If the broken water pipe has caused a large amount of water to enter the house, homeowners should turn off the electricity inside the house by shutting off the switch at the circuit box. The next step is to shut off the main water source so the water will stop running from the broken water pipe into the house. The main water valve is most often located in the basement or outside close to the house. If the water heater is situated in the basement, the main water valve is usually on a pipe close to the water heater. Homeowners can identify the main water valve because it normally has a red handle. If the house doesn’t have a basement, homeowners can find the main water valve outside. The shutoff valve is normally located in close proximity to the cold water pipe that runs into the house.

After turning off the electricity and the main water valve, homeowners should contact an experienced plumber who specializes in Emergency Plumbing in Brockton MA to repair the broken water line. Many plumbing companies offer emergency services, and a homeowner can contact a plumber 24 hours a day to fix the plumbing issue. Before the plumber arrives at the home, homeowners should immediately begin cleaning up the water from the floor to help control the water damage. Water that soaks down into carpeting and floorboards can ruin the flooring materials and cause costly damage. Homeowners should take any rugs that are soaked with water and move them outside. By taking quick action, homeowners can reduce the amount of damage that’s often caused by a broken water pipe

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