Signs to Call In the Pest Exterminator in Kent, WA

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Home & Garden

Pests will take every opportunity possible to find a way into the home. While constant vigilance is a must against these invaders, they can be very stealthy. They can hide in walls, behind cabinets, and sneak into attic areas. Once they get in, they can multiply rapidly into a full-scale invasion. When this happens, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. If any of these signs is discovered, these pests need to be eradicated before they take over.

Any unseen openings in the roof line can provide entry points for squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and even rats. Because the attic houses much of the home’s electrical system, this is one of the first items to signal that there is a problem. Many of these animals like to chew on the wiring. When this happens, the lights in the home may start flickering or becoming unpredictable when turning off and on. A Pest Exterminator in Kent WA, will need to be called in as soon as this happens to stop the invasion. Afterwards, the entire system will need to be inspected.

Unusual sounds inside walls also indicate pests have gotten in and are active. These sounds usually occur at night when the pests start stirring for nightly raids into the pantry. The source of entry is usually uncovered vent lines or breaches in the foundation areas. Some pests are really quiet and may not be detectable just by listening.

Since many pests will roam at night, they leave behind waste particles. This is a huge sign the invasion is likely very active and growing. In addition, they can often leave behind a trail of destruction from their nightly escapades. Any active signs should be addressed immediately by a Pest Exterminator in Kent Wa, since this also means the invasion is growing rapidly.

The destruction caused by pests can cost thousands of dollars to repair. It can also, potentially, put the home at risk for a fire or expose the family members to some serious health issues. Once these signs are spotted, an exterminator is needed immediately to minimize the damage caused by the invasion.

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