What Do You Know About Your Electronic Cigarette Liquid Refill

One of the greatest pleasures in vaping is trying out all of the new types of nicotine juices on the market and determining which ones are the best match for your taste preferences. There are some important considerations to keep in mind with any electronic cigarette liquid refill, and those who are just getting started with vaping need to pay attention to the liquid they choose based on their e-cig system.

It is always recommended to buy your electronic cigarette liquid refill from a retailer you trust, either online or at a local vaping store, but also to choose a brand that is produced by a recognized company using top standards for production. While e-juice itself is very basic, there are an increasing number of types of flavorings, chemical and natural ingredients being used in the mixtures.

A good option is to choose an electronic cigarette liquid refill that offers the PG (propylene glycol) to VG (vegetable glycine) formulation you prefer. In virtually all nicotine juice varieties and brands, unless they are listed as 100% organic, there will be at least a slight amount of PG used in the flavoring. The organic options may use ethyl alcohol as the solvent and flavoring carrier.

Tank Issues

There are several different types of electronic cigarette liquid refill flavorings that are notoriously hard on the plastic tanks. Since many people like these plastic tanks and they tend to be less costly while still providing top performance, avoiding these e-juices may be an important consideration.

As a general guideline, any type of natural fruit flavoring or organic fruit flavoring, particularly the citrus or tropic fruit base options, will cause problems for plastic tanks.

The problems can range from causing etching and discoloration, which can occur within just a few uses after the electronic cigarette liquid refill, all the way to the tank actually melting or cracking when vaping. This melting or cracking poses a risk for the e-juice to then get into the other components of the e-cig, including the battery, causing further problems.


The electronic cigarette liquid refill options with high percentages of VG, which creates a sweeter vaping experience with better vapor production, also increase the need to clean out the e-cig on a regular basis.

The electronic cigarette liquid refill mixtures with a higher PG level are thinner and tend to cause less production of residue, meaning less cleaning but also a less vapor production even with custom mods. At Mt. Baker Vapor we provide a top selection of all flavors and types of electronic cigarette liquid refill options. We also provide additional information about nicotine juice on our website.

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