Burdick Provides Many Options for EKG Machines

For many years, people and healthcare facilities have trusted the name of Burdick for ECG equipment. It is synonymous with quality and dependability and you’ll find many options when you search for a refurbished Burdick EKG machine. Here are some of the machines you may wish to check out.

Burdick 8300
The 8300 is considered to be very user friendly. The operation is simple and easy to understand. It will not be hard for your staff to use this machine and enhance the care of your patients. You can plug it into to an Ethernet connection or it can also be used wirelessly for maximum convenience. This refurbished Burdick EKG machine can be purchased with a three-year warranty. Here are some features of the 8300:

  • Can store up to 50 ECGs
  • Auto and manual functions
  • Accuprint
  • Can also be used with Glasgow Interpretive Software
  • Pediatric functions

Burdick Eclipse Premier
Do you need high performance with an easy to use interface? The Eclipse Premier may be your best choice. You can use three, six, or twelve channels while recording rhythm. It also gives you:

  • Data sharing in real time
  • Accurate communications
  • 12 leads
  • Color LCD monitor
  • Can store as many as 100 ECGs
  • Barcode scanning for demographics

Burdick Atria 3000
This machine offers accurate technology with high quality Burdick construction. Your staff can view, edit and easily review test results from the patient’s chart. The 3000 offers these features:

  • LCD screen is backlit
  • Can produce standard size (8.5 by 11) reports
  • Easy to use alphanumeric keyboard
  • AccuPrint
  • No long wait for test results

Burdick Atria 6100 EKG
The Atria 6100 has high volume capabilities and is commonly seen in cardiac units and hospitals. The color monitor is large and easy to read and it comes with 3, 6, and 12 lead printout capabilities. The unit is portable and can store as many as 300 ECGs. It also features bi-directional communications and the Burdick AccuPrint system. You also receive continuous waveform view and both Ethernet and 802.11 wireless functions.

When you buy a refurbished Burdick EKG machine you are buying 50 years of quality manufacturing from a trusted source. Your advanced machine may reduce testing times, improve efficiency and ease for your staff. Burdick machines come with many different functions and options and you are sure to find one which fits all of your needs for today and in the future.

If you are looking for a high quality refurbished Burdick EKG machine at an affordable price, go to Jaken Medical. They offer many types of new and reconditioned equipment for the healthcare industry, and also provide rental units.

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