What Does a Product Liability Lawyer Do?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if someone manufactured a product so dangerous that it resulted in thousands of injuries across the country? Well, unfortunately, this scenario has actually happened a few times. Manufacturers sometimes take shortcuts in the development and manufacturing process. These shortcuts often lead to injuries, lawsuits, and product recalls.

How Does a Product Become Faulty?

Manufacturing is a slightly confusing industry; there are plenty of regulations designed to prevent faulty manufacturing but sometimes it still happens. Some products might seem fine during the manufacturing process but are later deemed to be too dangerous for the public to use. Products from vehicles to household items have been recalled because they were later considered too dangerous.

How a Lawyer Helps

So how does a product liability lawyer help people who have been injured by faulty products? First, the lawyer will collect data and do research on the product in question. He or she will locate the product and test it or have it tested by a safety expert. If the expert determines that the product is unsafe, the attorney can pursue legal action to get the product recalled.

A product liability lawyer can get compensation for those who have suffered or been injured as a result of the faulty product. Some faulty products are very small while others are large and equally dangerous.

Have You Been Injured?

Do you think you might have a faulty product on your hands? Reach out to a legal team such as Evans & Evans Attorneys at Law to get a consultation.

In Georgia, products usually cannot be recalled after they’ve been on the market for ten years or more but there are ways to get around this law. So, even if your product is old and faulty, you still might be eligible for legal recourse.

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