What are treatments for sleep apnea?

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Dentist

When an individual stops breathing while asleep, the condition is known as sleep apnea. There are different forms of sleep apnea that are recognized, one is called obstructive and the other is central. Obstructive sleep apnea results from a specific obstruction that impedes the flow of air through the mouth and nose during periods of sleep. The cause of central sleep apnea is a disorder of the central nervous system; the brain fails to send signals to the body telling it to breath. As there are different types of sleep apnea there is more than one sleep apnea treatment in Montreal.

Before one can determine the correct sleep apnea treatment in Montreal, the focus must be one which of the conditions is the cause. An obese individual who suffers from the condition will receive a different treatment than the individual who has a deviated septum. An issue with the septum or perhaps tonsils often can be treated surgically; other reasons are not so easily handled.

If the condition is somewhat mild, the doctor will often suggest changes in the lifestyle of the sufferer. People who take alcohol or sleep medications prior to retiring for the night may be too relaxed which causes the throat and nasal passages to constrict. Often, if these things are eliminated, the apnea stops. Those sufferers that are grossly overweight will find relief if they lose weight. It is also possible that allergy medications can help keep the passages open during sleep, sleeping on the side rather than the back will help as well.

A well known sleep apnea treatment in Montreal is to have a mouthpiece made by an orthodontist. This device is custom designed and made to fit over the lower jaw, it helps in keeping the airway open during sleep. As well as the mouthpiece, there is a device that blows a gentle stream of air down the airway; this assures a non-interrupted source of oxygen. Those who suffer from moderate to severe sleep apnea find that either one of these treatments help considerably.

Severe cases of sleep apnea may have to be surgically corrected. There are people who have enlarged tonsils; the solution is to remove them or to reshape them to eliminate the potential of blockage. This may also be the case with the adenoids or even a misshapen jaw.

A mouthpiece is often fitted as a sleep apnea treatment in Montreal. If this is a recurring problem with you, please make an appointment with Retter Dental Care.


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