Enjoy the Convenience of Having Natural Teeth

In decades past, dentures were the only solution to tooth loss. However, in the absence of teeth, the jawbone thins over time. As the body absorbs the bone, facial appearance changes and may include fine lines or wrinkle formation. But, thanks to the advancements in dental treatments, implants prevent the problems caused by lost teeth. Illinois residents have the benefit of receiving same day dental implants in Skokie.

Dental bridges are another common option when missing one, two or a few teeth. However, the process involves damaging adjacent teeth to create a surface on which to cement the bridge. The trauma caused to the teeth is permanent.

Partials stay in place due to the clasps that tightly hold onto the teeth on either side of the gap. But, the continual pressure put on the teeth eventually also causes permanent damage that may result in losing those teeth. On the other hand, dental implants do not require the support of healthy teeth.

Dental implants appear and feel like natural teeth. They do not interfere with eating, smiling or speaking. Implants might also be an option for anyone currently having partials or dentures. With same day dental implants in Skokie, you no longer have to use messy adhesives. Slipping partials or plates become a thing of the past. Having implants also means you now get to enjoy all types of foods.

Unlike other dental appliances, implants are much easier to maintain. They do not need to be removed and soaked in special solutions. Simply brush them along with your other natural teeth. When flossing, merely floss around the implants too. Learn more about same day dental implants in Skokie. Make an appointment at EON Clinics and discover your natural tooth replacement options.

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