Ways to Move Easier

by | May 15, 2013 | Moving and Relocating

Moving can be an ordeal for everyone in your house. Even the pets can have stress over packing up the home and moving into another one. One thing that can take some of the stress away is using quality moving services and there are ways you can save money using professional movers.

There are more people moving today than in recent years due to the new trend in renting. With more renters there are more movers. This means that moving companies are busier than they had been previously and are booking up to 6 months in advance. This does not mean you need to book your move this far out but you should start looking for a moving company as soon as possible. You especially need to consider booking in advance if you are moving in the June-July months, which is the busiest time for the moving industry. If you are not sure whether it’s more cost effective to hire a Moving Company Connecticut or moving yourself, do a cost analysis. Keep in mind that rising fuel costs and truck rentals for a one-way move can make the cost of moving yourself higher than you might expect.

You should try and get rid of the things you do not need before you move. The less you need to pack, the less you have to pay to move. Have a representative from the Moving Company Connecticut come to your home before you move. They can take a look at your appliances, large furniture, antique table and book collection and give you an accurate estimate on what it will cost to move these things. Some items, such as a television, will need to be specially packed and cared for so that it is not damaged in transit. While the representative is there you can discuss ways to save money on the move. The less the movers have to relocate, the cheaper it should be for you. Asking about discounts and specials they are running that will apply to your move should be on your list. Some movers will offer you a discount if you are flexible in your moving times. Others will charge you more if they need to hold your stuff in their truck for longer periods. Make sure when the movers arrive that you are ready to move. Most companies will charge extra if they arrive and have to help you pack last minute boxes.

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