5 No-No’s to Avoid If You Want a Stress-Free Moving Day

If you want less headaches on moving day, here are definite no-no’s to keep in mind:

Not being truthful

Some companies send over estimators to your home to assess the probable transport load. Don’t try to scam them by not being truthful about your inventory list. If you don’t want to get extra charges later on, be honest and include everything that’s going with you on the list.

Focusing on price

Don’t focus too much on price when you scout around for movers in Plainfield IL. Learn to look beyond the quote. Hiring for low rates doesn’t often guarantee the best results. In fact, you could end up with lost, damaged or missing belongings. Keep that possibility at bay by hiring reputable movers over cheap ones.

Not asking questions

Hiring movers in Plainfield IL for your move or relocation entails a lot of things. If you aren’t asking the right questions, though, you might end up engaging the services of dodgy moving firms. For starters, ask for the company’s registration number, one issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), says The Spruce. If they can’t show you a USDOT number, then it’s best that you go to another company for moving assistance.

Not reading the contract

It’s standard to thoroughly check the contract at all times. Read and understand everything. If there are any terms or conditions that seem off to you or that you can’t understand, ask them clarify the matter. Don’t sign anything until you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re signing up for.

Not knowing about extra fees

Conventional wisdom says that the harder it is to move your belongings, the higher your bill will go. If there are any conditions that would make the move difficult – like stairs and elevators—make sure to mention these things right off the bat. For more information, visit us at Jackson Moving & Storage today!

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