Using Polymer Mixing Systems to Reduce Waste

Polymer mixing systems are vital for maximum efficiencies in waste sludge disposal systems. Industrial mixing systems are designed to efficiently reduce the overall volume of waste which are being disposed of into landfills, sewage systems and water treatment facilities.

As a result of society expansion, the need has increased to reduce the amount of waste being generated. In response to this increased need, Industrial mixing systems have been developed and fine-tuned over the past couple of decades. Every piece of equipment is quality tested to insure they are fully functional and meet all the necessary safety standards.

Industry Standards
Industry advancements have resulted in specifically designed units capable of accepting liquid polymers, a popular component in many of today’s water treatment industry. Extensive testing has enabled experts to develop systems which provide the correct level of polymer injections necessary for a system to work properly.

These blending systems control disposal costs by providing the necessary level of liquid polymer needed for molecular activity. In order to properly treat waste, polymers are injected and then mixed into sludge. Often times these mixing systems can be built or added directly to waste treatment process lines. The mixture is then further processed so the sludge can be separated into liquid and solid waste.

The Economics of Waste
Specifically designed industry standards ensure that mixing units are properly functioning at a level that maintains high standards while working to reduce negative environmental impacts. Waste is nearly unavoidable. However, the levels of toxic waste can be reduced through proper treatment.

Sludge dewatering systems are actually very economical systems. The maintenance costs are fairly low compared to overall operating costs. In addition, whether renting or purchasing a system, investing in industrial mixing systems also opens the door to additional income potential. Processing other organizations waste can be a smart way to increase revenue for companies interested in generating additional income.

Polymer mixing systems provide cost saving features commonly used in a number of industries such as bio-solid waste, septic systems, and grease/grit treatment lines. Industry professionals can assist in determining the proper size, functional capacity and design necessary to fit into a disposal system.

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