Understanding Different Kinds of Refrigeration Equipment

When it comes to refrigeration equipment in NJ, Automatic Ice Maker Co., www.autoiceequipment.com, is the place to turn to. Being in business for over 50 years, they are certified experts in this field. They have a full array of oversized commercial coolers and other refrigeration equipment of the utmost quality guaranteed. They also have a parts department, corporate offices, and shipping and receiving. They work hard for their clients in the New Jersey and surrounding areas. Thus, New Jersey clients and clients nearby can always ensure their refrigeration needs are always met accordingly with the right temperature and operation that meet the government standards.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, there are different types of restaurants, stores, and other businesses requiring them. The following are the main types of commercial refrigeration:

1. Wine Cooler– the back bar can remain stock with this commercial cooler. The unit can have glass doors for customers to view available beers and wines. Also, plate chillers are available for some to ensure glassware and dinner remain at ideal serving temps.

2. Merchandiser Fridge– this is a great choice when wanting to store a huge amount of cans or bottles in a non-bar commercial way. This fridge comes in various sizes and shapes with various capacities and features. Many of them have ventilation in the front which is good for displaying beverages along with the glass doors.

3. TurboAir Mini Fridge– this fridge performs like a traditional, reach-in, commercial fridge, but it’s a lot smaller. It can serve as a smaller under-counter fridge, or it can compliment larger merchandisers or fridges. Some even function as a freezer.

4. Food Prep Refrigerator– commercial kitchens need refrigerated prep stations and tables for different dishes that are made and served. They come in smaller and larger versions. Many of them will also have wire shelves, and many have casters for easy space management and maneuverability.

5. Reach-in Fridge– this fridge can store various types of drink and food items in an interior that is shelved and segmented. They work as residential refrigerators but with much larger capacity and more power. They also come with many options, such as casters for easy movement in the kitchen, double or dutch doors for more storage space, and glass doors like merchandisers.

Automatic Ice Maker Co. has it all for various types of refrigeration equipment for NJ businesses of various industries. They will help lead your business to success with their refrigeration products and services.

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