3 Tips for Choosing the Best Outdoor Signage

Advertising your business is essential for foot traffic. Some business districts have various regulations for what type of signage you can use, so make sure to check local laws. Here are a few tips on how you can get the most bang for your buck when selecting outdoor signage.

1. How to Choose a Type of Signage

Weighing cost and durability is a balancing act. The best choice will be dependent on how long you intend to use your signage for and what level of durability you require. Outdoor full color LED display signs can get pricey, but they also provide a long-term solution if you’re advertising promotions or announcements.

2. Deciding on a Company to Purchase From

There are many companies that deal with outdoor signage. One way to reduce shipping costs if you’re ordering large pieces is either to stay local or look for online vendors that offer discounts on shipping and handling. Signage is also a specialized product, and sometimes companies will cut you a deal if you call them. Try giving the company a call to touch base on what the actual costs will be in addition to the actual product. Another thing to keep in mind is the return and warranty policies.

3. Planning for Other Associated Costs

Depending on the type of signage you’re looking to install, hiring a designer might be necessary. Entrepreneur advises taking into consideration such design elements as the distance from signage, height, style, and lighting. If the signage is prefabricated, even hiring a designer to consult on what the best style for your business is can be worth it in the long run. That way you won’t run into design mistakes that are expensive to fix later.

Outdoor LED signage is an excellent way to advertise information on your business that changes. It’s more expensive than regular static signage but does a better job of drawing attention to your business with an eye-catching aesthetic.

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