Show Your Best Christmas Dishes

Some restaurants have seasonal dishes that diners look forward to every year. After a chef spends time and effort creating and perfecting a dish for the Christmas season, displaying and advertising for that dish becomes priority. Digital menu displays are becoming more frequent in restaurants so chefs can showcase their dishes to diners. But digital menu displays are just as effective in smaller restaurants and coffee shops too. There are two ways that you can use your digital menu to improve your seasonal sales.


If you’re using a digital menu display in your restaurant or coffee shop you need to have images of the seasonal dishes or drinks that you’re serving. But you could also add slides of testimonials to your menu display. After a diner finishes a dish, ask for their feedback about their experience. If they’ve had a positive experience, ask if you can add their comments to your digital menu display to help support the product.

Christmas Catering

Every year, it seems as if the Christmas season becomes more and more rushed. Some families are planning for catered meals instead of cooking at home because of the stress of the season. If you’re restaurant is offering catering services for Christmas, it’s best to start advertising your catering service the day after Black Friday. Black Friday is when a lot of customers are thinking about Christmas day, and they’re mostly focused on buying gifts. If you advertise early you’ll have plenty of time to prepare the orders that you receive for Christmas.

Rather than offering main dishes, it may be more cost effective for smaller restaurants to offer side dish catering. Some of the traditional side dishes that are included with Christmas dinner are easily made ahead of time and frozen until the day that they are needed. Adding attractive pictures of what you’re catering service is capable of producing to your digital menu display will entice customers to try your seasonal dishes.

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