Try Something Different With Knit Tank Tops

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Shopping

Tank tops are extremely versatile articles of clothing that can be found in nearly every woman’s closet. They can be used to dress up an outfit by giving it a layered look, worn underneath something that is made out of thin or see through fabric, or worn by themselves for comfort or protection from the heat. Tank tops come in almost as much of a variety as shirts with sleeves, and one of the most unique and stylish versions are knit tank tops.

What Are Knit Tank Tops?

Knit tank tops can be made from many different materials, and unlike other tank tops, they are knitted. This makes them unique because the knit fabric holds its shape better and is often more clinging, meaning that knit tank tops are usually more form fitting than other tank tops.

Caring For Your Knit Tank Tops

When your knit tank tops need to be cleaned, pay careful attention to the labels inside that say how to wash and dry them. Some materials will warp and shrink in the washing machine and dryer, and some materials, especially in loose knit tank tops, are too delicate and may tear in the washing machine. You may have to wash and dry your knit tank tops by hand for the best results.

How To Use Your Knit Tank Tops

Knit tank tops can be used in the same ways as regular tank tops. If you have a loose knit tank top, it could be worn over another tank top of a contrasting color for an interesting look. The materials are often softer and more comfortable than those used in regular tank tops. You can wear your knit tank tops under outfits that are made out of thin or see through fabrics. You can also wear them under cardigans or underneath your favorite blouse for a unique layered look. If it is hot outside or you just feel like relaxing casually, knit tank tops are great to wear on their own, or even as a top for sleeping in. The possibilities are almost limitless.

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