Tips for Finding Accountants in Brooklyn

by | May 2, 2016 | Accounting

Today, many CPAs (certified public accountants) also serve as advisors to small business owners, and they strive to be there for the client at every stage in the growth of the business. An accountant can help a business owner review their inventory, reduce tax liability and find new growth opportunities. Below are several tips for small business owners on finding the right Accountants in Brooklyn.

Determine the Business’ Needs

The first step for the business owner is to decide whether an external or internal accountant is needed. While an internal accountant can be costly for a business doing a limited number of transactions, an outside consultant can help the owner cut costs. After determining the accountancy needs of the business, the selection process can begin. All accountants can do basic paperwork, but it takes a special accountant to provide long-term advice to a business owner.

Consider Location

In the past, many business owners found accountants in the telephone book, and all of those accountants had something in common: they were all local. However, today’s business world is interconnected, and one doesn’t need to hire a local accountant. Many practices use cloud software to help clients manage business operations online, and to collaborate in real time. While some business owners can work from anywhere, others prefer personal interactions. Only the business owner knows what’s best for their company.

Ask Around

After the business owner assesses their needs and determines whether location is important, they can start looking for Accountants in Brooklyn. Colleagues and friends are a good source of recommendations and insight, and other resources include local chambers of commerce, small business development centers and professional organizations.

Interview Candidates

Once a small business owner has the information necessary to make a short list of potential accountants, they should ask each candidate a few important questions. While it’s important to focus on services, pricing and certifications, business owners should also ask questions on things like accountant/client relationships, customer service philosophy and online collaboration. The business owner can check out this site and use the answers to these questions to aid in their decision.

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