Tips for Cleaning Custom Embroidered Shirts

Cleaning custom embroidered shirts is a daunting task to most people due to the delicate fabric used by the manufacturer. It is imperative to take great caution when cleaning them to avoid compromising the quality of the fabric. Here are some gold tips to help you clean this kind of shirts like a professional.

Special Stain Removers

If you realize that your shirt has some stains, you should desist from using the conventional detergents as some can cause fading. When shopping for a stain remover, specify the kind of clothing that you intend to use it on to the shop attendant or check the specifications provided by the manufacturer to choose the right one. For instance, there are removers that are specifically formulated for use to remove stains on plain colored shirts.

Use a Tape and White Cloth

This is one of the east and inexpensive ways of ensuring that you do not tamper with the embroidery when cleaning. Cover the embroidery with a white cloth and tape it before you start washing the shirt. The tape will hold the cloth in position while the cloth will protect the embroidery from the detergents thereby reducing the risk of damages such as color bleeding.

Adjust your Washing Machine

If you prefer using the washing machine to clean your custom embroidered shirts, it is recommendable to use cold water. You can do this by adjust the settings before you turn it on. One of the benefits of using cold water is that it prevents color bleeding. However, most machines take longer to clean the shirt when using cold water but the end results are worth the wait.

Finally, you can turn on the delicate cycle setting on your washing machine when cleaning embroidered shirts to protect the fabric from any form of damage.

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