Comfort and Style for Outdoor Workers

During warm weather, keeping employees who work outdoors cool can be a chore. As you consider corporate apparel to purchase, it’s important to keep warm weather comfort in mind. Choosing custom Nike polo shirts in performance fabric is a great way to ensure your employees look great and weather the heat, as well.

Custom Nike polo shirts offer you great style that employees appreciate. The Nike brand is extremely popular with all ages. The shirts are durable, true to size and comfortable. Adding your company logo ensures that they reflect your corporate image, as well. Choose your shirt color and embroidery color carefully to match your corporate colors.

When you choose these shirts in performance fabrics, you’re doing your employees who work in the heat a great favor, as well. The performance fabric wicks sweat away from the body, allowing it to evaporate more easily. This ensures that employees stay cool and dry when the weather is hot. It also helps employees control body odor in the heat since the sweat dries so quickly off their bodies.

Keeping employees who work outdoors cool in the heat is more than just a comfort concern; it’s a safety concern, as well. Choosing custom Nike polo shirts in performance fabric, when used with other safety measures, reduces the chances of heat-related illness or heat stroke. Consider purchasing custom logo hats to keep the sun off their faces, as well.

Talk with your apparel vendor about adding custom Nike polo shirts to your apparel purchase for employees who work outdoors this summer. Your vendor may be able to secure bulk pricing for you, ensuring your purchase is as cost effective as possible. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to represent the company stylishly, all while staying cool and comfortable, too.

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