Make Your Company Stand Out With Uniform Polo Shirts

The clothing we wear is an important part of the way others around us perceive us. First impressions are more telling then you may think and they actually often do determine how people remember you and think about you. This is one of the biggest reasons behind employees wearing uniforms at work. Wearing a nice and professional looking uniform or custom embroidered corporate apparel is a good way to announce to anyone who sees you that you are a major and important part of this company and also that you are there to help them in any way that you can. Some of the most popular pieces of corporate apparel are uniform polo shirts.

A Brief History Of Polo Shirts

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tennis was a very popular form of recreation. However, the clothing that the players were very cumbersome and made it difficult to move around with ease, which greatly restricted their ability to play the game. Finally, by 1926, a French tennis champion named Rene Lacoste created a special type of shirt that was specifically designed to be more comfortable for tennis players to wear, while also providing ease of movement. Unlike the tennis shirts that players wore before, Lacoste’s shirts had short sleeves. This eliminated the necessity for the players to roll up their sleeves. The new tennis shirts were also made out of soft, light and breathable fabric, so they were much nicer to wear during hot summer weather. Eventually, polo players adopted this particular type of shirt to wear during their games, in lieu of their own uniforms which were stiff, but had similar collars. Now, this style of shirt is known as a polo shirt.

Why Choose Uniform Polo Shirts For Work?

There are many reasons why polo shirts are one of the most popular types of corporate apparel. They are less formal than dress shirts and they are also more suited to active work. Their design makes them a good choice for anyone whose job requires them to work outdoors in the summer and polo shirts can be made out of a wide variety of materials which are light and breathable. However, even though polo shirts are more casual, relaxed and ideal for moving around, they still look professional. It is a good idea to get polo shirts for your employees that are all the same and are custom embroidered with the logo of your company.

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