Tips For Choosing A Dog Boarding Company In NYC

Whether you call it a pet sitter or a dog boarding company in NYC, you may need help choosing one. It wouldn’t be a good idea to pick someone out of the phone book or choose randomly from a website. You need to have enough information to ensure that you have made the right decision. You wouldn’t consider leaving your child with a complete stranger while you went on vacation, so you likely wouldn’t leave your pet with just anyone without checking their credentials first.


You should talk with the individual or company rep first and ask them for references from previous clients. It is best to get at least three customers who currently or recently used their services. Call those people and ask questions about the service, timing and cost. If they seem happy and would use them again, it’s a good bet.


You want to make sure your pet is cared for properly, and if they end up hurt, you want to ensure that the person in charge will take responsibility.

Training and Checks

There are necessary training options available for these companies, because they need to learn about proper pet nutrition, how to keep pets separate and together, learn about crowding, and learn about the various diseases and problems that can occur when many pets are put together in one room. They should also have criminal background checks done on all the employees, to ensure that they don’t have trouble with authority, taking orders or abuse of pets in the past.


You have the right to talk with those who will care for your pet. You also have the right to decide how your pet’s time is used, such as cleaning, feeding, playing and walking. If you only clean your pet once a week, they should use your schedule. Some dogs can eat whenever and however they want, but others are on a strict diet. The company you select should be able and willing to accommodate your pet’s needs.


You need your sitter or a dog boarding company in NYC to be available when you need them. This may include holidays, so make sure they are open. You may also require seven-day contact through email or telephone. This allows you to call and check up on your pet, but will also mean they can reach you in case of an emergency.

Sb Resource Box:  You should talk with the individual or company rep first and ask them for references from previous clients. For more detail visit .

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