Three Signs It Is Time For a New Water Heater in Bremerton Wa

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Plumbing

A water heater can last up to fifteen years, depending on the amount of usage. When a water heater begins to go bad, there are some subtle warning signs it will begin to emit. It is vital homeowners do not ignore these signs and seek a replacement right away so their home does not experience water damage from leaks. With this information, homeowners should be able to notice any signs of problems with their Water Heater in Bremerton Wa.

Outside of a lack of hot water, it can be difficult to know the warning signs when a water heater is beginning to fail and needs replacement. If a water heater begins showing signs of problems and is reaching the end of its perceived lifespan, it behooves an owner to seek a replacement before the heater goes out entirely so they will not have to deal with complications.

 * One of the first clues a water heater is going bad is the color of the water coming out. If the water is discolored in any way, this can mean the inner liner of the water heater has been compromised and is breaking down. A liner that is corroded is likely to lead to a leaking water heater which can cause damage to a home and could lead to electric issues if the water leaks in the wiring compartment.

 * Strange noises should not be heard during the normal operation of a Water Heater in Bremerton Wa. Banging and clanging sounds are often indicative of the metal elements of the heater breaking down and coming into contact with the heating element which causes a reaction. When these noises are being heard on a regular basis, a homeowner needs to explore their options for tank replacement.

 * Homeowners may be able to tell their water heater is no longer functioning properly by the smell and taste of the hot water. The water may have a rotten egg smell or a metallic taste if there are issues with the water heater. Both of these issues can be addressed with the installation of a new water heater in the home.

If these signs are present with a water heater, it behooves an owner to seek a plumber so they can have a new one installed. Prompt installation can help homeowners to avoid damage to their home and ensure their hot water supply is constant.

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