What is the Best Time to Speak to a Power of Attorney Lawyer in Deerfield

The American Bar Association defines the power of attorney as a legal document that grants person/s with the power to act on your behalf, especially regarding decisions that involve your finances and medical treatments. From a general power of attorney to health care power of attorney, it’s best to get legal help and have all these sorted out.

Wondering when the best time is to reach out to a Deerfield Power of Attorney Lawyer? Here are several of them:

Number 1: diagnosis of a terminal disease

If you’ve just been diagnosed with an incurable disease, it makes sense to start putting your finances in order. That includes designating a power of attorney in preparation for the future. When your mental faculties are compromised and you can no longer make decisions for yourself, that power of attorney will ensure your trustee will take care of your estate. So reach out to a power of attorney lawyer then.

Number 2: undergoing a major surgery

If you’re undergoing a high-risk surgery, consider asking an experienced Deerfield Power of Attorney Lawyer to designate a power of attorney to the beneficiary or trustee of your choice. That way, if something happens, you know your estate is in good hands.

Number 3: when you run a successful business

If you run your business and have no medical or economic concerns, designating a power of attorney is still a good idea. That’s because accidents can come out of nowhere. If something does happen, your trustee will make sure any instructions regarding the running of your business is followed and executed.

By reaching out to an attorney, you can take steps to ensure your future interests and those of your loved ones and employees. So whether you need one or not, consult with a power of attorney lawyer before it’s too late.

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