Three Important Questions to Ask a Jacksonville, FL Divorce Lawyer

Family law practices are one of the common practices in most Jacksonville, FL and usually offer potential clients a free initial consultation. This is a courtesy by the legal firm to allow potential clients to meet with an attorney from the firm and to discuss their pending divorce case.

Most people don’t come prepared to interview the divorce lawyer at this initial consultation. However, it is important to realize that these professionals are working in your best interests and it is essential to find an attorney you trust, feel comfortable in sharing information with, and who you see as a qualified, experienced legal professional.

How Are Fees Assessed?

This is an important question for any divorce lawyer, and there will be a significant difference between many of the Jacksonville, FL, law firms and attorneys. Know if the firm or attorney charges a flat rate or if there is an hourly charge.

If there is an hourly charge, be aware of the charge, as well as the billed rate when issues are handled by paralegals and other office staff. Even for hourly rates, most attorneys can provide a general guideline of the approximate cost of the divorce based on the factors provided.

Experience and Expertise in Divorce Cases?

While many people focus on the experience and expertise in a divorce lawyer, this is really based on the factors involved in the case. A simple divorce with limited assets, no alimony and not children will not require at top attorney in the field.

The more complicated the case is, or the more conflict that is anticipated by the other spouse, the more important expertise and experience will be.

What Do You Think?

Ask the attorney about the potential ruling in the case given the facts presented. Be very cautious of an attorney who indicates you will get everything you want. Top attorneys understand there are many factors that can be presented by the opposing side that may impact the final decision

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