The Twelve Legendary Nat Sherman Cigars

When it comes to breaking down the different flavors of Nat Sherman cigars that are being manufactured currently, one will be impressed to learn that they have 12 legendary flavors that they are known for.

Twelve Legendary Nat Sherman Cigars

The twelve different flavors of Nat Sherman cigars are:

1. Epoca

2. Sterling

3. 1930

4. Timeless

5. Limited Edition

6. Host

7. Metropolitan

8. Metropolitan Maduro

9. Nats

10. Panamericana

11. VIP

12. Gotham Westside

Enjoying the Flavors

All Nat Sherman Cigars are handmade and were created for adult smokers who not only enjoy smoking cigars but for those with palettes that can appreciate the tobacco flavors in a medium that is quite unique. Nat Sherman cigars offer exquisite sophistication to any cigar aficionado and they are intended to consistently satisfy each and every time they are lit. There is an incredible amount of skill and passion that is required to craft Nat Sherman cigars – people who smoke them will also feel the love and dedication that was put into making them.

Construction of a Legendary Cigar

Nat Sherman cigars and their legendary flavors all start with the type of tobacco that is put into them. All Nat Sherman cigars are not created in haste but each and every one is made one at a time, by hand. This ensures only top quality cigars are produced and each and every single one received the proper amount of time and effort to create. Nat Sherman cigars have been hand rolled since the beginning and there is no intention to change that fact.

Location, Location, Location

It is widely known that the most desired tobaccos and tobacco flavors naturally come from the following countries:

1. Nicaragua

2. Dominican Republic

3. Cuba

4. Honduras

Other countries that provide great tobacco are:

1. Brazil

2. Costa Rica

3. Africa

4. Ecuador

5. Mexico

6. United States

All of the tobacco that is grown locally in these particular countries and that is how a person can tell if they are going to receive a top quality cigar. It is important to see where they are crafted and what blends of tobaccos are utilized to make the cigar. Nat Sherman cigars are a combination of wonderful full flavored tobaccos and each uses a specific ‘recipe.’

There is a wide variety of Nat Sherman cigars available and as a whole; the company likes to say that the best cigar is the one that the individual enjoys the most. Just because some have awards and some tend to be more popular, does not mean that they are going to be enjoyed by everyone. Nat Sherman understands that individuals enjoy different things therefore that is why they continue to create some of the best-handcrafted cigars.

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