What Are The Basics In Vape Accessories

If you are just getting started with vaping, one of the more overwhelming factors is all the technology and all the different vape accessories that are available. To make things even more complicated, not all e-cigs are the same, and in buying accessories it is essential to buy the same brand or choose a compatible brand to your e-cig and current accessories.

Ideally, starting out with a good starter kit for your e cigarette is always the best option. This way all the components of the device are fully compatible and will provide you with a top quality vaping experience. Then, once you have the basics mastered, you can start to add vape accessories that will further enhance the experience.


One of the vape accessories you can never have too many of is batteries. There are several different batteries on the market for different devices, and it will be important to choose the right batteries for your e cigarette.

In addition to batteries, a quality charger will also be a critical component of any vaper. There are chargers available that can detect the type of battery and charge accordingly, and these are a great investment.


If you are going to be customizing your vaping experience, you will need to have wicks on hand. These are typically sold as cotton vape accessories and may or may not have the wire also sold with the cotton. Look for pure cotton or organic cotton to provide the purest vape without any transfer of flavors or tastes.


There are some very unique kits, cases and skins for e cig devices. These are all specially designed to fit different sizes and models, so it will be essential to carefully read the availability or compatibility for each option you are considering.

These are top vape accessories to give for gifts, and all you will need to know is the model and number of the e cig to find a case, skin or even a belt holster that will carry all the necessary supplies including extra batteries, e-juice bottles and all the other components you need to have at home.

There are other specialized types of vape accessories such as unique atomizers, incredibly designed drip tips and even special holders for mods to use in your vehicle. Just shop around online at a top retailer and you will be amazed at the options available.

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