Do You Need HVAC Replacement?

A lot of people put off replacing their HVAC system because it is expensive. However, there comes a time when it becomes unavoidable. Nothing will be worse than being without a working Heating and Air Condition in Lawrenceville. There are signs that indicate that your system should be replaced. The life expectancy of boilers and furnaces is fifteen to twenty years, whereas an air conditioner should be replaced after a period of ten years.

Here are a few signs that indicate that your HVAC system should be replaced:

If Your Energy Bills Have Increased

Old air conditioners and furnaces need a lot of energy in order to work. They need a lot of energy to heat up and cool down which increases the bills.

It is Dry or Dusty inside Your House

If your house feels extremely dry or dusty and you are having issues like wilting plants, dry throat, allergies, static shocks, dry skin etc., then you should change your HVAC system because it is seen that old appliances fail to maintain the moisture of the house.

The HVAC System Is Ten years Old

All appliances have a given life expectancy. If your system is more than 10 years old, change it immediately because appliances only work best for the time provided by the manufacturers. Furthermore, installing an efficient HVAC system can bring down the cost of your bill by 20%.

The System Requires a Lot of Maintenance and Repair Work

Old air conditioners and heating systems require a lot of repair work towards the end. If you notice that you are paying for repair work and maintenance every month, you should replace it.

The Thermostat Keeps Fluctuating

When an HVAC gets old, it fails to maintain a consistent temperature. You may feel that one room is too hot and the other room is too cold. If this is happening, then get the system checked.

There Is a Carbon Monoxide Leakage

Carbon Monoxide is extremely dangerous for your health. Check your burner; if the flame is yellow instead of the usual blue then there are high chances that there is a carbon monoxide leakage. Other indicators are soot around the furnace, rusting of the furnace and moist surfaces (like walls and windows). If you feel problems like burning sensation in the eyes and throat, hallucinations, constant nausea, mood swings and headaches then it may be due to the leakage.

Your System Is Getting Noisier By the Day

It has been seen that old appliances get a lot noisier towards the end which is a sign that you should change it.

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