The Solution For Pre-Fabricated Walk-In Refrigerators

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Business

It is imperative that the temperature in cold storage systems is maintained accurately, this is one of the major challenges faced by those involved in the efficient operation of refrigerated warehouses, food processing facilities and distribution centers.

Commercial refrigeration panels in California are the basis for these large storage spaces that are used to store products at a low temperature. The panels, as well as being strong are also light weight which allows for ease of installation and long spans without the need for additional support or rood suspension.

Energy saving:

A typical cold store must be strong enough to stand up to the rigors of daily use; it also must be as energy efficient as possible. The R values in California are in the lead in this, the standard for coolers is R28 while the standard for freezers is R36. These standards have not been adapted across the country. These values are possible due to the choice of insulation material and the construction of the panels. The material used to ensure effective insulation is either Polystyrene or Polyurethane and depending on the specifications these materials are available in different thicknesses. It is the choice of material and the material thickness that determines the R value, hence the usage, of the commercial refrigeration panels in California.

Panel system

As cold stores as well as refrigerated warehouses are unique, the components that are used in construction must be manufactured to meet the specifics. As space is always at a premium in these types of facilities, openings for access doors and windows must be properly thought out.

As the refrigeration panels are custom made it is important that they are easy to install once they arrive on site. It is not only important that the cold store can be easily and quickly erected, it is just as important that they can be taken apart. This advantage allows the business owner to expand to a new location and rather than go through the expense of purchasing a new cold room, take the old one with them.

If you are faced with having to build a walk-in cold store, refrigerated warehouse or food processing and distribution facilities you are invited to discuss the benefits of using commercial refrigeration panels in California with the specialists at Turn Key Systems.

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