Getting Your Ceiling Dead Level with Furring Channels

Getting a ceiling dead level when you are doing a renovation can be a rather difficult task to accomplish. By using furring channels and adjustable clips on wooden joists, getting the ceiling dead level becomes much easier.

Measure and Cut the Channel

Begin measuring along where the furring channels will run under the treated wooden joists. Then, you will need to mark the position of your cut. You can use a good felt tip marker, which will work well and provide you with a clear mark on the aluminum surface. One of the best things about this type of channel is that it is easy to use. It can easily be cut with just a pair of aviation snips.

Position and Secure the Channel

The next step is to pop the clips into the proper position, making sure to keep them all in line with the ceiling joists. It is a good idea at this point to make a mark on the wall at each end where you are going to run the channel. Then, simply fix the clips into position.

You then only need to use one screw in the center slide of each clip to secure the channel to the joists. This will make it easy to adjust the channel into place. Once all of the clips have been attached to the joists, you can then check them with a level and slide them into place. Once the channel is level, you can then secure the clips with a second screw.

Finish by Installing Plaster Board

Now you are ready to move on and begin marking your plaster board. It can easily be cut using a trimming knife and neatly snapped. Then, all you have to do is run the trimming knife along the other side to complete your cut.

Add walnut-sized dollops of plaster board adhesive with spacing at about one foot on the furring channels and the outer wooden beam. A telescopic lift is an incredibly helpful tool when securing plaster board to the furring channel at heights well above arm length. It will hold it into position, making it easier for you to screw it into the dead level channel. Otherwise, you will have to juggle the plaster board with one hand while standing on a ladder as you screw it to the channel. This method is the quickest and easiest way to get a perfectly level ceiling.

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